Born March 12, 1947, at 9 51 Detroit (Michigan), Mitt Romney, 65, is an intuitive and impressionable Pisces, with an Ascendant in the sign of the alert Gemini, the best sign for communication- with Aquarius. A disparity probably not easy to live with between the Water element of the mystical Pisces and the AIR element of the nervous and cerebral Gemini, both elements being strongly represented in this chart. These two "mutable" share a high degree of adaptability and thus a tendency of being more or less influencable, or even opportunistic. The Midheavan MC (vocation, honors) is at the beginning of Aquarius - another sign of Air (at the same point in the sky than F. Holland, who has also his Asc. in the first degrees of Gemini!)-, giving the native a vocation to share and, again, communicate. Mars in Pisces reflects his Mormon faith as an activist and an aggressiveness that, although creeping and insidious, can be virulent. The Dark Moon (Lilith) in the VIII House (square to the Vth) exposes him to the blows of fate in the form of mourning loved ones. Moon and Jupiter in exact conjunction in Scorpio add an ambition and tenacity which the more doleful Pisces might lack.

This conjunction also reflects a promise of pure luck, especially in the financial sector, showing at the same time a talent for manipulation (Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of high finance and this combination reflects among other things the successful businessman flying high –isn’t M.R. a multimillionar?). His natal Sun trine to this conjunction promising whatever he touches turns to gold : he may occasionally be a shark! In other words, the mystical Mormon Pisces, proselytizing at a young age (Mars in Pisces) coexists with a skillful and lucky business man, combining the spiritual with the material sphere without any qualms. The motto being: if you succeed financially, even and especially in a spectacular, almost indecent way, this means that the sky wants it that way… A mixture not really rare in America we have seen with Bush at his very powerful mystic Neptune (this planet governs the sign of Pisces)....
As with François Hollande- again! -, the planet Pluto, symbolic for power, occupies the area of political/patriotic action (IVth House) in Mitt Romney’s chart, harmonically related to Neptune and his Sun / Mercury / Mars in Pisces ... But this planet is less harmonic than in Holland’s chart and is particularly hampered by the opposition of Venus which raises barriers underground hidden enemies, or related fatality: a less threatening aspect this since last June however ...

The future will tell whether the comparison stops there! Because- ironically!- at the election of the French president, I mentioned the climate of overestimation (illusion?) in which FH was evolving, prone to outlandish promises impossible to keep, and this because of a dissonance of Jupiter. (The current problems in France seem to confirm this interpretation). However, at the time of the U.S. election, Romney will have this same planetary aspect, symbolic for excesses and abuses. Probably a consequence of August 2012, and coming again in spring 2013: a reflection of his troubles with his tax-problems? Surely ... - what else? This did not prevent M.R., August 30, to succeed in his inauguration. But at what cost and with what consequences? For this year- and especially in November and until February 2013 - MR suffers, like all Geminis born in the first days of this sun-sign – under the dissonance of Neptune to his Ascendant: the consequences are confusion, disappointments, missteps, search for identity. While on the other hand, Uranus symbolizes a change / renewal via the sextile of Uranus to his MC (Mid-Heaven)- and like F.HOLLANDE – he is protected by this aspect against all odds until early 2013!
OBAMA, on the other hand (whose chart I analyzed in my latest book) has ambiguous-but real- chances for a reelection. ROMNEY- more than OBAMA-is nevertheless in full symbiosis with Main Street, USA.
Thus, the chances of ROMNEY are far from zero, especially given its many resonances with the chart of the United States: it embodies a certain heartland effect. However, the nasty dissonance Mars / Neptune in the U.S.-chart (responsible for recurrent attacks against its presidents) assaults powerfully his natal Sun.
Hampered by Jupiter and Neptune’s obstacles, this might very well stop him from being elected.
Que sera sera….

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